Analog to Digital Video Conversion

Vcodes offers a comprehensive solution for video archiving enabling film archivists, broadcasters, and organizations involved in the preseravation of audiovisual content an efficient conversion of analog content into any digital format, and automated, workflow-based transcoding of digitized content.

Parallel Tape Capture From All Analog/Digital Sources

Offering support for all analog sources, including legacy tape decks such as 1-inch and U-matic players, we let you transition from a 50-year-old tape to the latest tablet with a single click.

The digitization workflow can be configured for mixed environments of old and new decks, uniquely identifying each capture station with its connected deck type to avoid human errors.

Unlike products which are more broadcast oriented, the digitization workflow was designed with the archivist in mind, letting you choose between automatically initiated batch jobs via common formats (XLS, XML), and manual job initiation, suited for tape bar-code scans scenarios.

Real-Time Encoding to Lossless or Near-Lossless Formats

We support all industry standard formats for video archiving, ranging from 10-bit uncompressed, to JPEG2000, XDCAM, AVC-Intra and more. Vcodes team of experts will analyze your needs and recommend the best format for your storage/quality trade-off, plus configure and fine-tune the workflow.