Video Expertise Drives Business Success


Media processing workflows are essential steps for delivering high-quality video content over the internet. However, they also pose many challenges for TV/streaming service providers who need to balance between efficiency, quality, compatibility, and cost.


What are the Challenges of Media Processing Workflows?

  • Designing complex automated media processing workflows that can handle various tasks such as transcoding, packaging, encryption, delivery, etc., in a seamless and efficient manner, is a complicated task that requires knowledge and experience.
  • Integrating with content management workflows that can manage, store, distribute, monetize, and protect the video content.
  • Choosing the optimal video formats, codecs, and containers for different scenarios and requirements. There are many options available, such as H.264, HEVC, VP9, AV1, etc., each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Performing video analysis for error detection and quality control to ensure that the video content meets the expected standards and specifications.
  • Balancing between compression efficiency and quality, either via manually defined workflows and tests or by using Content Adaptive Encoding.
  • Handling diverse and dynamic video content. Different types of video content have different characteristics and requirements for processing and encoding. For example, fast-moving or complex scenes may need higher bitrate or resolution than slow-moving or simple scenes. Similarly, live or interactive video may need lower latency or higher reliability than on-demand or recorded video.
  • Scaling up to meet the growing demand and expectations of the viewers. As more people consume more video content online, TV/streaming service providers need to increase their processing and encoding capacity and performance to deliver high-quality video content without delays or interruptions.
  • Providing subtitling and closed captioning services to make the video content accessible to a wider audience with different languages or hearing impairments.

How to overcome the challenge of building efficient media processing workflows?

The first step in overcoming the above challenges is to get help from video experts who have the knowledge, skills, experience, and tools to handle them effectively. Here are some of the benefits of hiring video experts:


  • They know what you need. Video experts can understand your goals, requirements, expectations, and target audience better than anyone else. They can advise you on the best video formats, codecs, containers, bitrates, resolutions, etc., for your specific use case.
  • They have the necessary tools. Video experts have access to advanced software and hardware tools that can perform video processing and encoding tasks faster, easier, more accurately than conventional methods.
  • They have expertise and skills. Video experts have extensive knowledge and experience in video processing and encoding techniques, standards, algorithms, and best practices. They can apply their expertise and skills to improve the quality and efficiency of your video content.
  • They are trendsetters. Video experts are always up to date with the latest trends and innovations in video technology. They can help you stay ahead of the competition and attract more viewers by using cutting-edge video processing and encoding solutions.
  • They save your time. Video experts can handle video processing and encoding tasks faster than you or your in-house team. They can also automate or streamline some of the processes to save you more time.
  • They save your money. Video experts can help you reduce your video processing and encoding costs by optimizing your file size and bitrate, using cloud-based or distributed solutions, or using open-source or low-cost tools.
  • You get precisely what you need. Video experts can deliver high-quality video content that meets your specifications, expectations, and standards. They can also provide you with feedback, suggestions, revisions, or support as needed.

By getting help from video experts, TV/streaming service providers can overcome the challenges of building efficient media processing workflows to save costs and to provide the best possible experience for their viewers.

Here at Vcodes, our team of experts has extensive experience in building efficient media processing workflows for our TV/Streaming service providers customers worldwide. 

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