vCoder QC

Screenshot from vCoder QC

vCoder QC performs fully automated content verification and is fully integrated with the vCoder transcoding workflows.

Keeping It Simple

Listening to our customers, we designed vCoder QC to perform only content verification checks that really matter in the real world. Unlike competing QC vendors which bombard you with useless long reports that nobody wants to read, with vCoder QC you’re getting a simple PASS or FAILED result and when failed, a clear and easy to understand report on what’s wrong with the content.

Quality Checks That Matter

Quality checks (PSNR, SSIM, VMAF)
Black frames
Duplicate frames (freeze frames)
Video levels
Color bars
Audio levels, silence, Loudness (EBU R128)
Metadata checks

Industry Standard Video Quality Metrics

vCoder QC performs quality comparison between source and output video to check using the most modern quality metrics available in the video industry today. This enables quickly spotting encoding problems that are hard to detect when doing manual QC. It also serves as an invaluable tool in optimizing encoding presets for bandwidth restricted scenarios.

Interactive QC

The QC Player allows the user to interactively review the found issues in video/audio. Simply double clicking an issue in the issues list will jump to the relevant timecode and play the video. The user can then decide whether to reject or accept the video, add comments and move on to the next video.