Video Workflow Automation

Vcodes’ intelligent workflows automate offline video conversion end to end, accelerating processes and eliminating the need for expensive in-house video expertise.

Automated workflows are tailored to match your unique processes and broadcasting environment and support the flow of metadata with any asset management systems you may use.

Automatic Decision Making

Based on video and audio attributes, intelligent algorithms automatically make decisions and apply transformations. For example, if the video aspect ratio does not match the output format, a letterbox/pillarbox filter is applied. A workflow may apply simple or complex transcoding and processing – from video resizing and cropping through subtitling and Dolby audio processing.

Source Analysis
& Error Detection

Workflows check source video & audio to ensure compliance to pre-defined parameters, such as resolution, frame rate, interlacing (and more). In case of mismatch or errors, any required processing is applied.


Workflows can auto detect sources that are compliant to the requested output format, and re-wrap them only – skipping the lengthy transcoding phase, saving time and avoiding quality loss. For example,
an XDCAM source which is wrapped in a MOV container can be automatically re-multiplexed into an MXF format.