Customized Software Solutions

Vcodes designs video related software solutions, customized per project specifications, including:

  • Custom development of complex media processing workflows
  • Integration of any related 3rd party tool – encoders, video/audio processors, subtitling systems, etc.
  • Integration to content management systems (CMS/MAM), video archival systems, encryption (DRM/CAS) systems or any other system in the customer’s content preparation chain.

Some examples for projects delivered:

  • Injecting EBP (Encoder Boundary Points) into MPEG ATS files complying with customer’s non-generic streaming server specs.
  • Building automatic subtitle insertion workflows integrating with ad hoc subtitling software.
  • Integrating with customer’s content management system in order to read broadcast deadline dates and prioritize transcoding jobs accordingly.
  • Add support for Teletext for MPEG-TS files complying with customer’s broadcast systems.
  • Decoding obscure video files with non-standard formats and specs into industry standard formats.