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Designed and customized for content owners, producers and distributers, vCoder is a powerful software-based solution that enables cost effective, automated and scalable media processing workflows.

Video Encoding & Processing

vCoder offers powerful automated video transcoding from virtually any source format into any required broadcast format, eliminating time-consuming manual operations.
High quality video processing enable frame accurate trimming, scaling/cropping, deinterlacing, graphics/watermark/logo insertion, sharpen, denoise/degrain and more…

Content Aware Encoding

Our proprietary CAE technology examines each individual video’s characteristics and optimizes video encoding accordingly, reducing the playback bandwidth considerably while assuring a constant high quality viewing experience.

The Vcodes CAE offers two modes of operation: Per-Title Encoding (PTE) and Per-Shot Encoding (PSE). With PTE, you choose a required average quality level and PTE will make sure all your content will be encoded in that same quality level. PSE takes this a step further and makes sure that every SCENE will be encoded in the same quality level.

  "name": "job name",
  "projectName": "project name",
  "inputFile": "",
  "subtitleFiles": "",
  "audioFiles": "",
  "outputFolder": "",
  "awsS3region" : 0,
  "awsS3accessKey" : "",
  "awsS3secretKey" : "",
  "encryptionKey": "",
  "widevineHeader": "",


Simple REST APIs for integrating analysis, encoding and QC within your content management workflows.

Also available are WatchFolders and custom XMLs.


The vCoder Dashboard provides real-time metrics visualization of the vCoder and vCoder QC processes.
Tightly integrated with the vCoder processing modules, vCoder Dashboard collects data from ongoing transcoding and QC processes and builds useful real-time metrics visualized into graphs.
Receive immediate feedback on potential issues in your distributed network of vCoder machines, detect problematic content, receive alerts on high RAM/CPU/Network usage and more.

Subtitle Insertion

Vcodes’ subtitling technology provides broadcasters with maximum flexibility for distribution of video content to the widest audience possible. Embedded into automated video workflows, the subtitling process is fully automated – from monitoring watch folders, through compatibility checks of subtitle files, time synchronization, conversion and insertion.

CPU or GPU Video Encoding

Utilize your available CPUs or GPUs in your network to accelerate H.264 and HEVC encoding and achieve better than real-time performance in 4K encoding. Vcodes also supports better than real-time encoding/decoding for JPEG 2000 files.

Interactive Frame Accurate Editing

Use our Vcodes Player module to perform cut-to-cut editing work before running the encoding job, freeing up valuable post-production time.

All Major Professional Formats

Vcodes has support for all industry standards including whether you need
to prepare 12-bit 4:4:4 XAVC or ProRes mezzanine files for post-production or MPEG-TS segmented files with EBP data (Encoder Boundary Points) for OTT servers. You get complete control over audio tracks and channels assignment and full support for multi-channel audio, including Dolby E encoding and decoding.