Video Transcoding

Vcodes offers powerful automated video transcoding from virtually any source format into any required broadcast format, eliminating time-consuming manual operations. Easily build transcoding workflows for any scenario, such as:

CPU or GPU Video Encoding

Utilize your available CPUs or GPUs in your network to accelerate H.264 and HEVC encoding and achieve better than real-time performance in 4K encoding. Vcodes also supports better than real-time encoding/decoding for JPEG 2000 files.

Automatic Video and Audio Manipulation

A robust processing engine facilitates a wide range of video/audio manipulations, such as:

Interactive Frame Accurate Editing

Use our Vcodes Player module to perform cut-to-cut editing work before running the encoding job, freeing up valuable post-production time.

High Throughput Encoding and Transcoding

Designed for the most demanding broadcasting environments, Vcodes enables running multiple encoding jobs on distributed machines, without any special configuration. The Vcodes server efficiently utilizes all available processing cores to provide faster than real-time HD encoding, and parallel transcoding of multiple jobs on separate servers. Video quality is never compromised with our video experts setting up and fine-tuning your encoding profiles to ensure top quality of final output.

All Major Professional Formats

Vcodes has decoding/encoding support for the most common broadcast and post-production, archival or mezzanie formats such as: